Sewer and Water

When you’re having issues with your sewer or water systems, you need service that’s thorough and efficient. Krueger Excavating Inc. specializes in both repairing and installing sewer and water systems.

With our vast experience and the latest equipment, we’re able to diagnose the source of your system’s problems and restore it to proper working order.

What Causes Sewage Line Problems?

A sewer line can become blocked or damaged for a number of reasons. Overtime, sewer lines crack and rust. Roots often get in, causing major blockage. Deposits can also develop over time, eventually clogging pipes. Deep frost and ground shifting take a toll on your pipes as well. 

Whatever the cause, the end result is a serious problem.

Damaged sewer lines can lead to wastewater overflows, which are costly to clean up. Don’t wait. Contact us today!


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